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We do have an unusual approach for games. We’re trying to surprise our players and show them a world, which they have never seen and provide them with a dose of humor, entertainment and, at the same time, as fun - teach them something.

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Our team proudly stands behind its productions. We make every effort to achieve all the assumed goals for each project. The result of this hard work is a wide collection of games published and appreciated all over the world.


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We devote a lot of time and attention to each stage of production - initial design, gameplay, graphics, sound - all this is refined down to the smallest detail. In addition, we care about the positive impressions of our users.


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Our games land on:
- Mobile (iOS, Android)
- PC (Steam)
- Nintendo Switch
- VR (Meta, PS VR, Steam)

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Robo Wars

 a fast paced action game full of mechs and explosions! Are you ready to enter a destructive world? Challenge your opponents, use the individual strengths of each robot and become a duel master!

The game offers the possibility of changing equipment and developing the entire character that you will fight in different arenas in 8 worlds. 13 different mechs are waiting for your orders!

The game is available on Google Play and Nintendo Switch.


Who am I?

 the iconic party game in the card version! Perfect for starting the party! Gather your friends or family and play card puns using tons of slogans from different categories. The board for the game will be ... your forehead! The rest of the players have to guess what's in your mind! You have at your disposal showing, storytelling, singing - anything you can think of. The gameplay is complicated by additional guessing modes and the bomb rule - i.e. forbidden passwords. CZÓŁKO!


Who am I? Junior

a special edition of the cult card game - designed for younger players. Perfect for afternoon games with children, birthday parties or picnics! Gather the kids and make some crazy puns with the beautifully illustrated slogans on the cards in 8 categories! Use your own handpiece in this game and let the rest of the players help you guess the password!


Who am I? Uncensored

adult edition! It's time to liven up the adult company by adding a little spice to the party! Gather your friends, partners or acquaintances and using your hands as the game board, show other players the 18+ passwords! This exclusive edition of Czółka will not only provide you with a real explosion of laughter thanks to the rule of the bomb - forbidden passwords, but also add spice to the whole fun thanks to juicy slogans!


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